About your host, Dr. Sara DeFrancesco

Dr. Sara DeFrancesco is the founder and lead physician at Thriving Force Natural Medicine. As a board certified Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Chinese Herbalist, she’s trained in both the science of modern medicine (in other words, what your average MD is qualified in) as well as the groundbreaking art of advanced natural medicine which emphasizes the importance of resolving illness by treating the root cause. From therapeutic nutrition to musculoskeletal alignment, botanical medicine and acupuncture, Dr. DeFrancesco employs a refreshingly new (and proven) approach to what creates health, how to make a diagnosis and treatment plan based on the real underpinnings of the issue, and the driving principles behind medicine that gets results.

About today’s co-host, Mallory Leone

Mallory Leone is a holistic Nutrition Consultant trained in the biochemical systems of the body. She uses an education-based coaching style that teaches people to incorporate whole foods nutrition and holistic lifestyle changes into their already busy lives. Mallory sees clients one on one and works closely with licensed medical practitioners as a go-to diet coach for prescribed diets. She’ll be accepting new clients this fall.

Show Highlights

  • What people think natural medicine is and what it really is.
  • Why natural medicine is based in science.
  • Why old age is not a diagnosis and if you’ve been told “there’s nothing we can do and you’ll just have to live with it” there are more options for you in the new medical paradigm.
  • Disease centered medicine vs patient centered medicine.
  • How natural medicine provides more health care options.
  • Why conventional medicine is more appropriate for acute and emergency health care, while natural
    medicine is more equipped to deal with treating chronic illnesses.
  • Becoming a leader in your community by taking your health into your hands.
  • How our healthcare crisis is holding us back from solving global problems.
  • Treating the cause instead of symptoms, re-establishing the foundations for health, and optimizing
  • What does wellness really mean?
  • How advanced health can improve your quality of life.
  • Full spectrum medical care and being ready to participate in your health.
  • Trends in medicine and how functional medicine is bridging the gap between conventional and
    natural medicine.
  • A brief introduction to Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.
  • The future of individualized medicine.
  • How you can learn more about bringing naturopathic and functional medicine into your practice through The Functional Forum.

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