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Dr. Paul Nottoli DC

Dr. Paul Nottoli is an Integrative Diagnosis Provider, which is a comprehensive functional and orthopedic assessment to ensure a proper diagnosis and to make sure you get the correct treatment. He is certified on all levels and continues his training every day with online content and in person multiple times per year. This makes Dr. Nottoli an expert in sports and soft-tissue injuries. His mission is to restore function and eliminate your pain by providing a better assessment, an accurate diagnosis, and precise treatment.

Brian Musial LAc

Having been a science student at the time of his injury, Brian made a convenient detour and focused his aptitude and his talents in the direction of alternative medicine at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. After graduating with honors, he became board certified at NCCAOM and belongs to the Illinois Association of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (ILAAOM), and is also national acupuncture detoxification association (N.A.D.A) certified.

Brian has logged many hours of experience with various clinics specializing from women’s health issues to muscle and joint pain. The possibilities are endless with what acupuncture can do for your body and mind.


  • Improving the quality of internet health information with practitioner approved education.
  • The synergistic qualities of chiropractic care, acupuncture, and functional medicine to improve patient outcomes.
  • The Health Geek’s Free Back to Basics Health Guide: 7 Principles that Beat Any Diet, Cleanse, or Pill.
  • Practicing Functional Medicine and accessing organic foods in the midwest.
  • Education and communicating effectively when you’re a health geek.
  • Why you want a doctor who’s a health geek and keeping up on the latest research and treatment options.
  • Working with athletes in chiropractic medicine.
  • Insurance free clinics and removing obstacles to getting the care you need.
  • The link between stress and fertility problems + treating infertility with acupuncture.
  • The power of education and becoming a leader in your own community.
  • Why it’s important for practitioners to podcast.
  • Walking the talk and modeling healthy practices for patients.


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