Keirsten Lindholm is a talent digital reach strategist offering a strong sense of alternative medicine centric marketing expertise. Her understanding of supporting doctors who spin a lot of plates is innate from previously being a chronic pain patient who had to learn about the industry in order to fully heal. Before returning to school to finish the necessary education in graphic, website, and social media campaign design, she was an expert support staff member for a high volume chiropractic clinic and was used to wearing five hats in a lean staff team model. These days, she focuses on leveraging technology for growth hacking the health & wellness industry. This entails translating what bigger marketing budget companies are discovering into the right bite size pieces for independent wellness clinics.


  • How Keirsten leveraged her healing experience into a new career.
  • From doctor talks and health fairs to digital strategy.
  • Challenges in finding the right doctors when you’re struggling with your health.
  • Why practitioners aren’t usually good at marketing and how that’s hurting the people who need their help.
  • Is your website too ego centric and not communicating to potential patients clearly?
  • Keirsten’s website design & copy advice.
  • Keirsten’s wish for the future of medicine and the ability of holistic care.
  • Being appropriately pissed at the health care system and getting in table flipping mode to demand a change.
  • Websites & social media strategy.
  • Leveraging the internet to educate the public.



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