Dr. Jennifer Karon-Flores is a licensed naturopathic physician. She found her way to naturopathic medicine as a young adult, tired of looking for fixes with medications that did not assist her in resolving her health issues. Through compassionate care and coaching from her naturopathic physician, she was able to achieve the health and balance she craved, and now experiences vibrant health on a daily basis. Through her own experience with chronic illness, she has gained insight to the root causes of illness and symptoms. She brings compassion and humor to her work with patients and online program participants, along with the facts and techniques required to turn poor health into vibrant wellness. She specializes in women’s health, including fertility, menstrual issues, and pelvic health.


  • Addressing digestive issues, libido, and sexual function with Holistic Pelvic Care.
  • How pelvic circulation affects your reproductive health.
  • Caring for your reproductive system for a healthy, pain-free menstrual cycle.
  • Why kegel exercises might not be the answer to pelvic problems and what to do instead.
  • Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Therapy & abdominal circulation.


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