What is Natural Medicine?

Our clinic is focused on wellness care (health creation) and the prevention, treatment, and reversal of chronic health problems. We treat the cause, teach you everything you need to know, and laser in on the problem with targeted, individualized treatments to achieve effective and permanent results.

Natural medicine isn’t a better health solution just because it’s natural. Natural medicine is a better solution because it produces better health outcomes by treating the cause and maximizing function instead of managing symptoms while an illness continues to progress.


Proactive: Focused on resolving the root cause of illness to reverse and prevent disease.

Restorative: Restores proper function of the body to reverse disease, prevent illness, and promote optimum function.

Patient Centered: Treats the patient and modifies treatment for each individual’s needs.

Unlimited Options: Combines the best of conventional and natural medicine into an intelligent hybrid to provide unlimited treatment options.

Evidence Based: Based on the latest research and clinical observation.


Reactive: Focused on managing disease and treating symptoms after a disease has manifested.

Palliative: Suppresses symptoms, manages disease.

Disease Centered: Treats the disease without giving attention to the bio-individuality of the patient.

Limited Options: Relies almost exclusively on pharmaceuticals and surgery, regardless of negative effects and risks.

Profit Driven: Heavily influenced by parties with a vested interest including pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

Conventional medicine provides excellent emergency health care and life saving interventions. It’s most appropriate for accidents and trauma like broken bones and severe illnesses which have not responded to proactive care. However, it’s designed to manage symptoms not to restore health and maximize function.

While our health care system has been hyperfocused on treating emergencies and managing diseases, chronic illnesses have emerged as the health epidemic of our time. As a result 70% of American deaths are caused by chronic illnesses which are often completely preventable.

At Thriving Force, we believe in a full spectrum of health care. This means that our treatment plans primarily focus on nutrition, lifestyle, and natural medicines. We reserve conventional medicine approaches like pharmaceuticals and referral to surgery for emergencies.

Natural medicine also has limitations. It’s not appropriate to treat emergencies like heart attacks or traumas like broken bones. In those cases, natural medicine can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine to prevent and treat heart disease and to speed the healing of broken bones.

The doctor’s role is the teacher (which is the original meaning of the word doctor). The patient’s role is the student. In our treatment programs we educate and empower patients to create a lifestyle, nutrition plan, and environment that supports optimal health.

Our clinic we uses a combination of Naturopathic Medicine and Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture to treat a wide array of conditions including fatigue, digestive problems, autoimmune disease, thyroid conditions, mood disorders & mental health, and more.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is a system of health care focused on reversing illness, restoring function, and rebuilding health through proactive, patient-centered, root-cause care. Naturopathic physicians are doctors trained in both conventional medicine and the groundbreaking science of natural medicine.

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Chinese Medicine is a holistic health care system focused on treating the cause of health problems by stimulating blood flow, activating cellular repair, relaxing musculoskeletal and nervous tension, reducing pain, increasing immunity, balancing hormones, and increasing the function of the blood, nerves, and organs.

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