“What supplement can I take for ________?”

This is a question I get a lot. Maybe the problem in question is acid reflux, another digestive disorder, insomnia, or frequent headaches and migraines.

The truth is, taking a supplement for a symptom or trying to replace pharmaceuticals with supplements doesn’t work.

Supplements are not the answer by themselves. They are great tools that can aid in healing, but the real work is in identifying the root cause of a problem.

Let me give you an example: A very popular herb for cognitive function ginkgo. Gingko works by increasing circulation throughout the body, including the brain. So if the reason you’re having cognitive problems is because you’re not getting enough blood, nutrients, and oxygen to your brain, gingko may help you. If there’s another cause at play, gingko might not work for you at all.

If the reason you’re having cognitive problems (like brain fog, poor memory, difficulty concentrating) is due to inflammation then cleaning up your diet, resolving nutrient deficiencies, and identifying food sensitivities is more likely to help your brain function than gingko.

In natural medicine, our aim isn’t just to cover up symptoms. Instead, we assess and interpret symptoms along with a thorough medical history, physical exam, and functional lab tests to find and resolve the cause of health problems.

Often, the cause is rooted in a combination of inflammatory lifestyle and nutrition factors as well as specific nutrient deficiencies, poor digestive function, hormone imbalances, and low energy production. All of which can be treated with nutritional and lifestyle counseling as well as a customized natural medicine program.


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